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The Two Thieves Podcast focuses on extolling God's mercies, examining scripture, and looking through the lens of a Christian Worldview. We dialogue on current events, both inside and outside the Church, as well as reviewing other articles, videos, and publications. Like the whole of scripture, this podcast is first and foremost about God, not about man.

The Two Thieves


Justin Lockhart

First, let me say it is very ironic that this segment is entitled “About Me.”  Frankly put, my true passion for theology grew when I realized that none of this is truly about me, but is the redemptive story authored by God.  Of course, we have a glorious part in this story due to His mercy and grace, but when we put ourselves in the center of this story things start to go haywire.  So just to get it all straight the bible is first and foremost about God not “about me.”

God graciously saved me in my late teens and unlike my fellow Thieve I do not have a “sudden conversion” moment, but rather a broader story about a prideful, selfish, insecure boy that God united to His Son and is still conforming to His image to this very day.  Early on and really for most of my Christian walk, I had a theology that was the equivalent to Jell-O.  If you pinned me up against the wall with certain doctrinal questions, I would slide down with no conviction or foundation for my answer.  It wasn’t until I was challenged by a co-worker in regards to my theology that I knew I was missing the big picture.  That picture was the sovereignty of God.  When that puzzle piece clicked, I went from apathy to an inflaming desire for deeper, biblical, God-centered theology.  You could say, “It was the moment I became a Calvinist.”  I prefer to call it the moment I truly began to understand the bible in all of its intended glory.

I now through the power of the Holy Spirit strive to live out a God glorifying lifestyle in all that I do, solely dependent on Christ and nothing of myself.  I have a beautiful wife, 2 little girls, a career, a membership to a gospel-centered church and this passion for theology.  I hope you are encouraged and edified through our podcast.  I pray that our listeners walk away in “awe” of the glorious grace that the God-Man has bestowed upon wretched sinners like ourselves.


Brandon Takacs

My story begins as a junior in college.  I was a self-proclaimed agnostic unable to recognize my own folly.  To make a long story short… one day I woke up in this condition but went to bed having undoubtedly encountered (as Calvin would put it) God’s irresistible grace.  Since that day, though I have consistently failed to live up to the standards Christ has set before me, God’s mercies have been new each morning of my life sustaining my sanctification daily.

By God’s grace alone I have an amazing wife and 3 beautiful children.  Outside of being a father my passions include the Carolina Panthers, playing the guitar, exercising, fly fishing, and of course… talking theology.  I pray that through our podcast the gospel is spread, the people of Christ’s church are edified, and above all God is glorified!