The Laymen's Cup

The Laymen are four men, who love God first, then their wives and children. We have a deep desire to study God’s Word and to live on mission for him. As we study God’s Word, we love to break it down and discuss it in a way that everyone can understand. We are not scholars, even though some of us wish we were. We are normal men with normal jobs trying to figure out how to Glorify God and live a life on mission for him.

The Reformed Outlook

The Reformed Outlook exists to provide a theologically Reformed perspective on a variety of topics and worldviews. While the content provided will be accompanied by a great deal of research and study, the focus is not primarily to be academic in nature. The podcast might serve as an introduction to the Reformed worldview, but we advise our listeners to engage in personal study and to submit to the biblical teachings of your church leadership. In other words, do your homework and don’t use us as an excuse divorce yourself from a local church body. We all have a lot to learn and it’s essential to do it the way Christ commanded.

Two Thieves

The Church needs reforming.  The culture needs engaging.  The Two Thieves strive to pursue both.  Seeking the fulfillment of the Great Commission is our ultimate mission.  Through the lens of a Christian worldview and an exegetical examination of scripture, we discuss the most prevalent issues facing Christians both inside and outside of the church today.  Above all, we seek to see Christ exalted in all things.  We are two men, depraved but saved, all to the glory of God.

The Berean Media Network

We exist to glorify Christ in everything we do. We are a network of podcasts who are like minded. We love Christ, our families, and the Church. We want to present the Gospel in all aspects of life.

In Acts 17, Paul and Silas arrived in the city of Berea. When they went to the synagogue, they found men who "received the word with all eagerness, examining the Scripture daily to see if these things were so." That is what we do. We seek the word of God to be found faithful to our King.

What will you find within the Network? You will find men who love this media, who produce great shows, great interviews, and sound theology.